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In Motion Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

When we look at Jesus’ life, we see Him slowed down and ready to embrace the people He encounters each day. Being hurried is incompatible with a real relationship with Jesus. To call yourself a follower of Christ, you have to surrender the “busyness” badge of honor and follow His life model.

When we run on fumes, we miss the people right in front of us—our family, our friends, our spouses. Join Heather and Jamie as they have a conversation about schedules, feeling hurried, and wearing the “busyness” badge of honor.

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Heather and Jamie love to bring people together. So naturally, their podcast is a place where they want to do the same. Every season, we set aside episodes to hear from YOU and talk about YOUR thoughts. In each episode, you’ll hear Heather and Jamie mention their voicemail inbox; that’s where they hear from you!


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