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In Motion Podcast

Jan 28, 2021

Spirit In Motion: Have You Met The Real Jesus?

Whit George, lead pastor of Church On The Move, and Adam Bush, kids pastor at Church On The Move, sat down for an honest and in-depth conversation about letting God change them ... maybe for the first time. They call it, "meeting the real Jesus."

Listening for the first...

Jan 26, 2021

With Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon, and buy online/pick up in store, it’s never been easier to spend, to buy, to find satisfaction in something other than God. You probably find yourself buying things or even just filling an online basket when you’re angry or bored or frustrated or feeling less than. Maybe...

Jan 22, 2021

Challenge: When you feel anxious, stop and ask yourself, “Why?”

BE HONEST WITH SOMEONE ABOUT HOW YOU’RE FEELING… If you are struggling with anxiety that is holding you back from everyday life or anxiety that creeps up every now and then, we encourage you to talk to someone about how you’re feeling.

Here are...

Jan 14, 2021

Life in Motion is a podcast hosted by Heather George and Jamie Jobe (JJ). It’s a show where two best friends talk about life, family, and the hard things we all go through. We’re calling this first season, “We’ve got issues.” In this episode, Heather and Jamie share their stories and talk about marriage,...